bitbake --help

Usage: bitbake [options] [recipename/target ...]

    Executes the specified task (default is 'build') for a given set of target recipes (.bb files).
    It is assumed there is a conf/bblayers.conf available in cwd or in BBPATH which
    will provide the layer, BBFILES and other configuration information.

  --version             show program's version number and exit
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -b BUILDFILE, --buildfile=BUILDFILE
                        Execute tasks from a specific .bb recipe directly.
                        WARNING: Does not handle any dependencies from other
  -k, --continue        Continue as much as possible after an error. While the
                        target that failed and anything depending on it cannot
                        be built, as much as possible will be built before
  -a, --tryaltconfigs   Continue with builds by trying to use alternative
                        providers where possible.
  -f, --force           Force the specified targets/task to run (invalidating
                        any existing stamp file).
  -c CMD, --cmd=CMD     Specify the task to execute. The exact options
                        available depend on the metadata. Some examples might
                        be 'compile' or 'populate_sysroot' or 'listtasks' may
                        give a list of the tasks available.
                        Invalidate the stamp for the specified task such as
                        'compile' and then run the default task for the
                        specified target(s).
  -r PREFILE, --read=PREFILE
                        Read the specified file before bitbake.conf.
  -R POSTFILE, --postread=POSTFILE
                        Read the specified file after bitbake.conf.
  -v, --verbose         Output more log message data to the terminal.
  -D, --debug           Increase the debug level. You can specify this more
                        than once.
  -n, --dry-run         Don't execute, just go through the motions.
                        Dump out the signature construction information, with
                        no task execution. Parameters are passed to the
                        signature handling code, use 'none' if no specific
                        handler is required.
  -p, --parse-only      Quit after parsing the BB recipes.
  -s, --show-versions   Show current and preferred versions of all recipes.
  -e, --environment     Show the global or per-package environment complete
                        with information about where variables were
  -g, --graphviz        Save dependency tree information for the specified
                        targets in the dot syntax.
                        Assume these dependencies don't exist and are already
                        provided (equivalent to ASSUME_PROVIDED). Useful to
                        make dependency graphs more appealing
                        Show debug logging for the specified logging domains
  -P, --profile         Profile the command and save reports.
  -u UI, --ui=UI        The user interface to use (e.g. knotty, hob, depexp).
  -t SERVERTYPE, --servertype=SERVERTYPE
                        Choose which server to use, process or xmlrpc.
  --revisions-changed   Set the exit code depending on whether upstream
                        floating revisions have changed or not.
  --server-only         Run bitbake without a UI, only starting a server
                        (cooker) process.
  -B BIND, --bind=BIND  The name/address for the bitbake server to bind to.
  --no-setscene         Do not run any setscene tasks. sstate will be ignored
                        and everything needed, built.
                        Connect to the specified server.
  -m, --kill-server     Terminate the remote server.
  --observe-only        Connect to a server as an observing-only client.
  --status-only         Check the status of the remote bitbake server.